School Safety

This is the most critical issue for parents today. We have 128,702 students in the DCPS system, and in the 2016/2017 school year we recorded 12,014 violent incidents in our schools. If this trend continues, nearly 1 of every 11 students could be a victim every year. That is concerning to myself, my wife and all fellow parents of school-aged children, but when considering incidents such as what happened in Parkland, it is terrifying.

The solution is multifaceted. In the Navy I was part of an aircraft carrier battlegroup. We employed many layers of security to protect against threats – intelligence, radar, submarines, etc. Similar concepts apply here. We, too, can provide multiple layers of security – earlier detection of threats, expanded mental health counseling, enhanced training for teachers, school resource officers, etc. Its not about turning schools into prisons. Its about being smarter in how we keep our kids, our teachers and our staff safe.

Click here to see my school safety interview with syndicated columnist Jeff Shuford of BUZZ TV. BUZZ TV Interview – Nick Howland

My wife and I decided that I should run for School Board soon after the Parkland shooting. If elected, I will focus on making Duval schools safe for our children.

I support Florida’s Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act to increase funding for mental health counseling and school security and Congressman John Rutherford’s STOP School Violence Act to improve threat assessment and early intervention. I will leverage my military and work experience in safety and security to ensure DCPS uses all the funding and resources available to it and delivers the best technology, procedures and learning that will keep our children safe.

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